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Voces y Manos believes that education is a powerful means of achieving sustainable development, health, and self-determination for indigenous communities.

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Therefore, at the heart of our program is the belief that education must empower young people to give back to their communities in meaningful ways. Our vision is that youth who graduate from Voces y Manos will better the health and social conditions of their communities and broader society.

Specifically, Voces y Manos empowers indigenous youth to advance the health and wellbeing of their communities by promoting youth leadership and providing academic scholarships. Through Voces y Manos’ leadership program, students learn how to implement community projects that improve child nutrition, combat deforestation, and promote sustainable agriculture. Students who participate in the leadership program are eligible to receive scholarships, which enable students to further their education, and become professionals who advance the health and sustainable development of their communities. In addition, Voces y Manos provides a small number of university scholarships each year. Providing youth with these opportunities to engage in social action while pursuing higher education empowers them to become lifelong agents of social change.

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