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Walking with the people:

  • We embrace solidarity, working in true partnership with the people we serve. This means voluntarily sharing in the struggle of the communities with whom we work, and assuming responsibility for achieving tangible improvements in health, education and human rights.
  • We believe in inter-culturality, communities recognizing and celebrating their distinct cultures while appreciating shared humanity and working together toward a common goal.
  • We promote health care that works in harmony with local customs, beliefs and healing practices.
  • We promote education that draws on and reflects community values and cultural identity.

Dignity of the human person:

  • We hold that access to clean water, healthy food, dignified work, safe living conditions, high quality health care and empowering education are fundamental human rights that have a most urgent appeal on our collective conscience
  • We see a moral obligation to care for the well-being of all people as though they were members of our own families


  • We seek to empower those with whom we work so that they are/will be able to determine their own economic, social and cultural development.

Social Justice:

  • We express social justice by working to empower those who have been most marginalized within their society. In the Guatemalan context, these groups are women, the poor, and the indigenous.
  • We hold that unethical means can never be justified by righteous ends.


  • We aspire to achieve unity between our organization and the people we serve. Our projects are to be designed around a set of values and a vision developed in partnership with the communities with whom we work.
  • We recognize that unity is achieved by building trust, and trust is built by following through on all the commitments we make to the people with whom we work. This requires each individual within the group to take great pride and pursue excellence in his or her share of the collective effort.

Continual self- and group-reflection:

  • We are committed to the ongoing process of evaluation. Through praxis (the interplay of action & reflection) we assess and re-assess our organizational processes and efficacy.
  • We support the physical, mental, and ethical growth of the individuals who comprise our organization.
  • We evaluate our programs qualitatively and quantitatively in a participatory fashion to facilitate a culture of open dialogue and continual improvement.
  • We study the models of organizations engaged in similar work to ourselves in an effort to engage in and promote evidence-based practice.
  • We remain open to change.