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Each year, a new group of 10 students is invited to participate in the Voces y Manos program.  Participants are nominated by our partner in Guatemala, Fundación Nueva Esperanza (New Hope Foundation, or FNE), which operates a school in Rabinal. Teachers from FNE recommend students to us based on their academic effort, leadership potential, and dedication to community service. These students then work with Voces y Manos summer volunteers for 7 weeks to research health problems in their communities. After completing their research projects, students are introduced to a local mentor who helps them develop community projects that will effectively address the problems they have identified.

Upon successful completion of their community projects, students are awarded scholarships to study at academic institutions of their choosing in Rabinal. Over the years, scholarship recipients have pursued careers in education, nursing, engineering and medicine. During their studies, the scholarship recipients receive ongoing support from both Fundación Nueva Esperanza and Voces y Manos.

The aim of our scholarship program is to create a virtuous cycle in which graduates of the program go on to impact the lives of hundreds more youth from their communities


  1. Fundación Nueva Esperanza selects 10 students to participate in the Voces y Manos summer program. These students are selected on the basis of their enthusiasm, classroom participation, and desire to improve their communities.
  2. The FNE students work with Voces y Manos volunteers to organize a community
    health fair and and/or conduct research on a health-related problems facing their community.
  3. Students present their research at a symposium attended by local leaders, parents, teachers, and community members.
  4. Students are partnered with a community mentor who helps students develop a project to address the health issues they have investigated.
  5. Upon successful completion of their community project students are awarded a
    scholarship to study at an academic institution of their choosing in Rabinal.
  6. Once students have graduated, they will return to their communities as professionals working to improve health and educational conditions.