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A Little Goes A Long Way


Option Number 1: Donate Via Paypal


Option Number 2: Send a Check

If you choose to donate by check, 100% of the funds will go directly to Voces y Manos’ programs.
1. Make check payable to: Voces y Manos

2. Place your check in the mail and send to:

Voces y Manos
PO Box 10864
Oakland, CA 94610

Why donate?

One thing that parents all around the world have in common is a desire to send their kids to school. Yet in Guatemala, many families are so poor that they are unable to provide their children even with this most fundamental human right. Helping families send their children to school does not require huge sums of money; in Rabinal, it requires just one dollar per day. By making a contribution of $360, you can provide one of our students with a full scholarship for one year. Giving through Voces y Manos–in any amount–is a unique opportunity to make a direct connection that will change a young person’s life forever.

How much of my donation will actually reach the students?

As a small organization, we are able to ensure that your donation goes directly to supporting students by paying for school supplies, uniform and tuition, and providing them with basic resources like seeds and fertilizer that allow them to implement their remarkable community projects. Our entire U.S. staff and Board of Directors donate their time, which ensures that over 95% of your donation goes directly to programs rather than overhead costs or large salaries (we do have one full time staff member who manages our program in Guatemala). As a 501(c)3 organization, your contribution to VyM is tax-deductible, and can be made securely and reliably by paypal or by check.

Thank you to Podio!

podio_sponsored-01 copy_whiteThis year,Podio, an online project management system, has generously granted us sponsorship. It’s been a very helpful tool for us to get better organized and coordinate with all our volunteers scattered in different cities. For more information about Podio, visit their website: