Adelis Mendoza

Adelis lives at home with seven family members- two nephews, her sister, her brother, his wife, and her mother. She has four brothers, and three sisters. Her goal is to continue studying to be able to better herself, and to be able to assist her community and family. She believes her community can be improved because there are people willing to help others in need.

During her time volunteering at the health fairs, she got a chance to learn a lot about leadership. She hopes to continue to put leadership into practice with her family, at school, and most importantly in her community by listening to others and by being listened to.

Patricia Osorio Santos

Patricia is 16 years old and has four sisters. She has been working since she was 8 and her father died when she was 12. Patricia wanted to stop studying because her mother could not support the family all by herself, but her mother did not let her stop studying. She said she would find a way to make ends meet, but that Patricia had to continue in school. She began studying and working at the same time, until reaching “Basico” (middle school), and there was no longer time to work.

Through the health fairs, she learned that there are many people who need a form of help and the importances of keeping a good attitude. Also, she learned about the doctors roles in different communities and that youth can make a difference to help educate people about the importance of health, nutrition, personal hygiene, and environmental protection.

“Patricia and Adelis are working on a very creative project that ties microfinance together with health education. Patricia and Adelis have recruited an expert in infant-maternal health to come and educate their community about how they can ensure that their children grow up happy and healthy. As an incentive to participate in this program, Adelis and Patricia will reward program participants each with one or two baby chicks. This will be a good source of nutrition and economic revenue for the program participants; which will reinforce the message of nutrition being delivered in the educational talks.”

Silvia Uscap Sanchez

Silvia comes from a family of six brothers and sisters. Her father works in agriculture, but cannot always find work. She wants to continue studying to be able to help her community and family improve.

Silvia’s goal is to improve the health of communities so everybody, no matter where they are from, may live in good health. She hopes that families can have knowledge about how to maintain good health, since the most vulnerable population is very susceptible to illness.

During the health fairs, she learned it is important to not always think of oneself, but also of other people in the community.

Families need to be educated in order to avoid basic illnesses. This way, they can achieve an improved quality of life for their family and for their children. Communities can make sure that the youth—our future—are healthy.

“Silvia worked on a project with 2 other scholars called ‘Mini-Health Fairs’. For this project, she taught a group of elementary students how to perform the same skit that she had performed in the health fair. They then arranged for their group of students to travel to other schools performing the skit.”