Yenifer Valey Gómez, Scholarship Program Coordinator

Yenifer lives in the Chiticoy community of Rabinal. As far back as she can remember, she has been enchanted by working with young people (which pairs well with her natural desire to support people in the pursuit of their dreams). After completing her highschool studies at the Fundación Nueva Esperanza, she joined Voces y Manos as a volunteer during the original Health Fairs, which supported communities by providing holistic health workshops and medical resources. Her volunteer work paved the way for a Voces y Manos scholarship, solidifying her role as a local leader and helping empower her to overcome the stereotypes that limit the professional opportunities of young women in Guatemala and around the world. Now, she is just a few steps away from earning a Bachelor of Science in Business.

Yenifer plays many roles on the Voces y Manos team, but she is most passionate about overseeing the selection of scholarship recipients and directly mentoring them throughout their careers. She believes youth empowerment is a long-term process that requires constant, present attention. Whether it means visiting with families, providing academic support, or giving emotional guidance, she always finds the time to support youth in her community. One of her favorite quotes is: “only once we unlearn can we truly begin to learn.”